Saturday, 21 July 2012

Easts Leagues Club

First chicken parm off the block is Easts Leagues Club. We had only signed up as members of Easts Leagues a couple of weeks ago to watch the league on a Saturday afternoon and I had the parm that night. So the plan was to visit the club again on Friday night, get some dinner and then watch the footy. My meal of course, was a chicken parm. Photo is below.

I was a little disappointed with the meal when I picked it up from the counter and even more so when halfway through the meal I got to an under cooked part of chicken. Most of it was cooked pretty well but it mustn't have fully thawed before they started cooking and I had to eat around it. I took it back at the end and they offered to make another meal for me which I declined (was already full) but I did get another jug of beer, so I am not too upset.

Size: Mid. not a huge parm, definitely nowhere near covering the whole plate, but was filling enough. Was quite thick in parts.

Chicken: Nice crumbing but under-cooked and inedible in the middle.

Sauce: Very nice, highlight of the meal. And lots of it too.

Cheese: Nice cheese, I'd prefer it cooked a little more but complimented the sauce.

Chips: Middle sized helping, but not as crunchy as I would like.

Salad: Didn't eat much of it but a good sized helping. Nice dressing and good that they put it in a separate bowl. No salad dressing cross contamination.

A few others at the table also ordered the chicken parm and they were all different. Wemade our orders separately so maybe they had different chefs preparing each one. I said last night and again this morning that I probably wouldn't eat there again but to be honest I think I will, and I'll order the parm, just going to cut it up first before eating.

Easts Leagues is a great place, I love being able to watch the footy, with the sound on out in the back room.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

ps. got some better photo's on the proper camera, will post those as soon as I can.

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