Sunday, 20 January 2013

Glasshouse Mountain Tavern

First parm review of the new year. A few weeks in I know, and I apologise. Parm reviews will become more frequent now that the team at In Parms Way are getting back into the swing of regular life (and not the fun times of the holidays). Today we ventured up the coast with another couple to visit the touristy town of Montville and the rather ho-hum (but somewhat interesting) town of Maleny. On the way back we stopped at the Glasshouse Mountains Tavern for lunch and a few beers. Does the Glasshouse Mountains Tavern do a chicken parm? They sure do!

Picture below.

At $18 it's a lower than average priced parma. The restaurant was nice and the service was quick. No problems at all there. Though they did have a small issue with the Extra Dry tap, but it was fixed pretty quickly.

Size: A standard size chicken breast with a good amount of chips. They went well under the chicken. Salad was also quite large (but who cares?).

Chicken: Very nice chicken, well cooked with a nice crumbing. The thickness was standard throughout too. No complaints at all.

Sauce: The highlight of the meal, awesome sauce. Was tangy and sweet yet had a punch of flavour that made it amazing. There was a just the right amount of sauce for the dish. Wasn't a puree, had noticeable bits of tomato with some onion and a hint of garlic. Awesome.

Ham: Didn't see any ham on the meal, nor did I taste it. If it was there is was very subtle. It wasn't missed though.

Cheese: Nice tasty cheese and was quite thick. Cooked just right. Complimented the sauce and chicken perfectly.

Chips: Beer battered and cooked well. Nice and crunchy and heaps of them.

Salad: Standard parma salad with a french dressing. Would have preferred the salad in a separate bowl as the dressing tainted my chips at the end. Didn't detract from the meal too much though.

All in all a pretty good parma, was full at the end and if I was ever out that way and looking for a meal I would go there again. It was the first time one of our party had eaten chicken parm too, was exciting to be part of it.

Oh, our table also won the meat tray raffle. We spend $20 on tickets and won a $25 meat tray. But it was good fun, and good to help the local touch football team (touch football right?).

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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