Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cafe East

My partner and I had a pretty large event happen this week, the purchase of our first home settled. We're now home owners! To celebrate the occasion we decided to go out for dinner to Cafe East on Queens St Mall in Brisbane City. Why Cafe East you ask? Because my partner had a craving for seafood and this is where she wanted to go :)

Cafe East doesn't have a Chicken Parm on their menu, but they do have something called a "Chicken Parmo Schnitzel". And if they're calling it a Parmo then I think it can go on my Blog. So what was it like? Picture below.

Before I start on the Parmo I just want to say I like Cafe East because the beers come out in pints. As a strong, red blooded male I need beers in large vessels.

Ok, so about the meal. The Parmo came in at $25.90 and service was pretty quick. But how was it?

Size: Very thin piece of chicken. Came out on a larger than usual plate though, and the salad was enormous.

Chicken: As mentioned above, it was quite thin, and it was a bit over cooked. You can see on the edges of the chicken breast that it slightly burnt. If it wasn't for the cheese and bechamel it would have been very dry.

Sauce: The Parmo is a tomato free chicken parm. Not too much bechamel either.

Ham: No ham.

Cheese: Cheese was probably the best part of the meal, there was a solid amount of it on there and it really saved the chicken. I would like it to have been cooked a bit more and to go to the edges. There herbs on top were a nice touch too.

Chips: The chips were cooked, but were standard pub chips. Nothing special but at least they were hot.

Salad: Unexciting for the most part. Also prefer the salad to be in a bowl to not taint the chips/chicken with the dressing (which was a balsamic dressing of some sort).

I had to use a fair amount of salt on the chicken and chips to bring the flavour out, and this isn't your standard chicken parm so can't hold it to all the same rules. I really feel this could have been an awesome meal but in the end I was just a little disappointed. Would I go there again? Yes. Would I get the Parmo again? I think I would, but if it's not better I wouldn't get it again.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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