Thursday, 18 October 2012

Woolloongabba Hotel

Last weekend there was an international rugby league match between Australia and New Zealand (GO AUSTRALIA!!). If there is a list of good reasons to go out and eat chicken parm and drink beer, this has to be one of them. So we headed out to the Woolloongabba Hotel in Woolloongabba (duh) for beer, parm and rugby league.

Here is a picture of their chicken parmy.

So how was it?

Size: Medium to medium large, with a good serving of chips. The salad was also on the larger size (if that's a good thing to you, then you're not a friend of the Mega-Parms).

Chicken: Well cooked chicken, no problems with it's flavour or thickness. The crumbing was also of good quality. No problems here.

Sauce: A huge amount of sauce, and it had a very Napolitano (is that the right spelling) taste to it. Not a bad thing though, quite tasty.

Ham: If there was ham on this parm, I didn't see or taste it. Could have been in the sauce but I'm not playing Where's Hamdo (Where's Waldo) with my parm.

Cheese: A lot of cheese and it was slightly under cooked. Well it was cooked but could have used another minute under the grill to give is a bit of a crust. Was nice though, no other complaints.

Chips: Good chips, nice and crunchy. And as mentioned before there was a good amount of them. Nothing amazing as they were fairly standard pub chips, but they were good.

Salad: Un-interesting and boring salad. Not a fan. And not in a separate bowl so got a little bit of salad taint on the chips and parm. If my mantra wasn't that I wouldn't change the parm in anyway I would have ordered it without.

All in all the meal was good, and for $19 it was good value. I've been told they sometimes do a two for one special. I'd certainly recommend it at two for one and would also recommend it at regular prices.

Dave the Mega-Parm

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