Monday, 24 September 2012

The Colmslie Hotel

Does it get any better than this? First day of a week long holiday and out to The Colmslie Hotel for a few beers and chicken parm. It was a great day for it, nice and warm outside with a nice breeze blowing through the outdoor garden. Here's the parm.

At $26 it is the most expensive parm I've ever eaten, but the food came out very quickly and while the Colmslie looks a little divey from the road it's actually quite nice in the beer garden and inside. All three of us had the chicken parm and aside from a few chips on one plate and some salad we finished it off. So how was it?

Size: Medium small to medium sized meal. The chicken parm wasn't enormous and neither were the chips. The salad bowl was quite stacked but that's not why we're here.

Chicken: Well cooked chicken. A uniform thickness throughout. The crumbing was spot on. Only small fault would be the size, but it was enough to be full on at the end of the meal.

Sauce: An interesting sauce, it wasn't just sauce but also had chunks of onion, tomato and capsicum. There was a fair amount of it on the plate, but that was good because it wasn't a richly flavoured sauce. Normally I'm not a huge fan of chunks of vege's in the sauce but they did it really well here.

Ham: Just a thin layer of ham between the chicken and the sauce. Very mild ham and only just noticeable.

Cheese: Great cheese, a lot of it and cooked just right. Also, it covered the whole piece of chicken. This is something every chicken parm needs to do.

Chips: Nice beer battered chips, crunch on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Didn't get enough though, and the chips at the bottom were all small. Chips on the top were great though.

Salad: Really nice dressing on the salad but way too much cucumber and tomato. So only ate a couple of small bites.

All in all, a pretty good meal. Was it worth $26? Probably not. Would I go there again? I would, but I'd order something else. The table next to us got a massive toasted sandwich platter with chips that looked awesome.

I just noticed, in the menu on the website the chicken parm is only $21.95. I hate it when the menu online is different to the restaurants price :(

-Dave the Mega-Parm


  1. The best Parm salad you have had?

  2. Where are the new reviews?

  3. What have you got against cucumber?

  4. Cucumber tastes awful and has very little nutritional content. Keep it to the hippies and the rabbits in my opinion.