Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hoggs Breath Cafe - Carindale

This weekend my Fiance, her sister, her mum and I went to the The Hoggs Breath Cafe in Carindale for lunch. We wanted to go somewhere for lunch and it had to be close to home because I was on call for work. Westfield Carindale is only a stones throw away and I've already reviewed the Carindale Hotel previously so why not visit Hoggs Breath?

Hoggs Breath are somewhat famous for their steaks, they are a chain of restaurants all around Australia (and even a few in New Zealand). Their steaks are cooked for at least 18 hours and are always delicious. So how well do they do a chicken parm? Lets see.

Our meal was delivered to the table about 20 minutes after we ordered it. This parm was also on the expensive side at $22.95.

Size: Medium sized. And I ordered the larger of the chicken parms on the menu (they also do a lite version). I was content at the end but definitely not full.

Chicken: The chicken was well cooked. Not over done and was a good thickness. The crumbing on the underside stuck to the plate a little but it didn't detract from the chicken too much.

Sauce: The sauce was the main flavour here. It was a nice but there was just way too much of it.

Ham: No ham. Was asked if I wanted bacon on it, which I am sure would have been nice. But it would have been an extra $3.50. Plus I order my parms as is, no extras and no taking anything off.

Cheese: Parmesan cheese, which is strange for a chicken parm. It was interesting, but as you can see in the picture there was hardly any cheese compared to sauce.

Chips: Hoggs Breath curly fries are always good, no complaints here except I could have done with more.

Salad: Uninteresting and boring. It's supposed to have dressing but I didn't see it. What isn't there cannot taint chips or chicken though, so that's a good thing.

Hoggs Breath Caraindale is a funny place. It's really hard to see in there if you're facing the window with the bright light outside and the darkness inside.

If we went there again I'd get a steak.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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