Monday, 3 September 2012

Chalk Hotel

I'd only been to the Chalk Hotel in Woolloongabba once previously and the visit last weekend was the first time I had walked in sober. It's an enormous place with about 50 screens all dedicated to different types of sport, which was great because we had gone there to watch the football. Plus the $3.50 Carona's between 3pm and 7pm didn't hurt either. It's quite funny to see pretty much everyone drinking Carona, and why wouldn't you?

They also have a restaurant there and guess what's on the menu? Chicken parm! Picture below.

At $16 I believe this is the cheapest parm that I have ever eaten (other than the heavily discounted parm from the Cafe Moray). So what was it like?

Size: Medium sized parm that was quite thin. Not too many chips or salad either. Enough to be full at the end of the meal but there was no stopping early.

Chicken: Mine was slightly burnt around the edges, and the chicken itself was very thin. In some spots it felt like there was more coating than actual chicken. What I could taste of it however, was nice.

Sauce: Very little sauce, didn't have any tang to it. Felt like a bit of an afterthought.

Ham: The Chalk Hotels chicken parm should really be called a ham parm. The dominant flavour of the meal was the ham. It was the small bits of shredded ham and while it was tasty, it isn't what I look for in a chicken parm.A little bit to add to the flavour is good, ham being the strongest element, not so good.

Cheese: The cheese was good, not anything to write home to mum about (I don't think she reads this blog, or even knows it exists) but it was serviceable. Wasn't over or under cooked.

Chips: Pretty ordinary chips, and no where near enough of them. Just your standard boring pub food chips.

Salad: Dry and plain, one bite and I wasn't going back.

As you can probably see, this wasn't my favourite parm. I would definitely go back to the Chalk Hotel as the place was really good, but not for chicken parm. I think I'll try the 350g grain fed rib eye next time.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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