Friday, 31 August 2012

The Morrison Hotel

Anyone that's lived in Brisbane for more than six months knows about the Morrison Hotel in Woolloongabba. Great steaks and a great atmosphere. So when it was suggested we go there for a mates birthday I was over the moon. If their steaks are this good, then how good will their parm be?

The Morrison Hotels parm is below.

Size: Medium sized chicken parm with a good helping of chips. Salad was on the larger side but that wasn't too bad (you'll see below).

Chicken: Well cooked, crumbed quite nicely. A consistent thickness all the way through.

Sauce: There was very little sauce on this chicken parm. What was on there was nice. Not tangy or like a pizza sauce, but tasty enough.

Ham: The ham was delicious, big chunks of tasty ham that stood out with each mouthful.

Cheese: While the ham was delicious, the cheese was the highlight of this chicken parm. Multiple types of cheese added a depth and complexity to the meal that I haven't experienced with a chicken parm before.

Chips: Good chips, cooked nicely with a good crunch.

Salad: This is the first salad I've had since starting this blog that was actually good. Caesar sauce, lettuce and croutons. Plus the sauce wasn't runny so didn't taint the chips or the the parm.

All in all, the chicken parm from the Morrison Hotel was a good meal. I would have it again over one of their steaks so they are doing something right. I'd also like to apologise to the people on the table behind us. I'm sure we were loud :)

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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