Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Moray Cafe

There's not many online resources out there for chicken parm aficionados but parma.com.au is one that stands out. Many thanks to parma.com.au as they are the catalyst for tonight's venture to The Cafe Moray. If you head to parma.com.au and click on the picture of the chips (in the shape of the great state of Queensland) you'll see that The Cafe Moray is number one on their list of chicken parms in Queensland.  New Farm is only a short drive from where I work and seeing that Tuesday night is their "Tight Arse Tuesday" it just had to happen. The better best half was to be preoccupied with Yoga so it was a great time for a few beers and chicken parm with some mates from work.

Here it is, The Moray Cafe chicken parm.

We arrived at about 6:00pm and each ordered a chicken parm and a beer. The drinks were on the table a couple of minutes later and the parm followed about 20 minutes after that.

Size: Medium large sized chicken breast. The photo doesn't do it justice as it was hanging slightly over the edge of the plate. The number of chips didn't quite match the size of the parm however.

Chicken: Well cooked, very tasty. Mine was much thicker one one side than the other, was very flat when I got to the last bits of chicken. The other guys had pieces of chicken that were uniform in thickness however. The crumbing was spot on and golden brown.

Sauce: Tangy sauce but not overly so. No large chunks of tomato either (which is good in my book). Looked like the sauce would be really runny but that wasn't the case. Could probably have used with a little bit more sauce but not by much.

Ham: This was a ham free chicken parm. No complaints from me, I can give or take the ham. I'll eat it and enjoy it but if the other elements are done well it's not required.

Cheese: Great cheese, melted nicely on top and covered the whole parm. Which is quite impressive considering the size of the parm. If you were lactose intolerant you'd be popping off all night after eating this meal.

Chips: Crunchy and delectable chips.This is how chips should be done with a chicken parm. Lightly seasoned and sitting under the parm, soaking in some of the heat and juices. a couple more chips would have rounded out the meal nicely, but that's only a small complaint.

Salad: Salad to me is usually an uneventful afterthought and it was the same here. Standard garden salad with dressing, had a taste and it was ok but that's all I had. I could see it being serviceable to someone into their greens.

Overall The Moray Cafe was a great place to eat, with the delicious chicken parm, interesting selection of beers and great ambiance. Plus their "Tight Arse Tuesday" turning a higher quality chicken parm into a $15 meal means it's great for those of us with girlfriends that like to shop (I'm going to get in trouble for that one, haha).

Highly recommended.

-Dave the Mega-Parm


  1. Another great review. Looks like the best out of the reviews so far!

  2. The best parm, or the best (as in well written) review? :)