Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lord Stanley Hotel

Two chicken parm reviews in one week, does it get any better? Last nights venture was to the Lord Stanley Hotel in East Brisbane. It's a bit out of the way being "about" 500 meters from the Gabba (its not) and when we got there the place was rocking (it wasn't). Not to worry though, we're going to watch the footy, eat parm and drink beer and the Lord Stanley Hotel has all three.

Chicken parm picture time!

The chicken parm was delivered about 15 minutes after ordering. Service was good and the seats were comfortable.

Size: Chicken was on the larger size Much larger than the toppings. Not too many chips compared to other chicken parms out there.

Chicken: Slightly over-cooked. The crumbing was darkened on the edges and the chicken was a little dry. Not by much but enough to be noticeable.

Sauce: The sauce was the highlight of this chicken parm. Was tangy and zesty and reminded me of a good pizza sauce. There wasn't enough of it to cover the whole chicken but it didn't matter, it was really good.

Ham: Nice ham, except it was one large piece of ham with the sauce and cheese on top. It kind of slid around on the chicken parm making it much harder to get a balance of chicken, ham, cheese and sauce onto the fork each time.

Cheese: Not too bad, cooked well and was tasty.

Chips: Not the best chips I've had with a chicken parm. Could be crispier, could be cooked a bit more. Plus there just wasn't enough for a parm of this size.

Salad: Tasted it, was unexciting and didn't go back after the taste.

I'd say the dish was overpriced for $20.95. It was a serviceable parm but not one that I will go back exclusively for (unlike The Moray Cafe from earlier in the week). Would go back to watch the footy and drink beer though.

Lastly, the men's toilets at the Lord Stanley are a bit strange. You can see in to and out of the area where the urinals are. A little odd in my book, but I sit down anyway so it doesn't matter too much to me, haha.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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