Monday, 6 August 2012

Carindale Hotel

Tonight we went to the Carindale Hotel for dinner. It was a rather impromptu outing which was planned only a few hours earlier, but that didn't reduce the excitement. Plus the Carindale Hotel has only reopened quite recently after the huge refurbishments at Carindale shops and we were excited to get in there and check it out.

So now what you came here for, the parm review. Below is a picture of Carindale Hotel's chicken parm.

We ordered at about 6:30pm and by 6:45pm our dinner was on our table, service was great and the parm was well priced ($17.95).

Size: Medium sized chicken breast.

Chicken: Solid thickness, not thin but not too thick. Was cooked perfectly and the crumb on the outside was tasty and crunchy. Can't fault the chicken in any way.

Sauce: Very sweet sauce and there was a lot of it. Its sweetness became the dominant flavour on some mouthfuls but it wasn't horrible. Just could have done with a little less sauce.

Ham: The ham was nice, however some sections had a lot of ham. Unlike the chicken parm from the Normanby the ham was cut up into small pieces. What was strange is the way it was haphazardly thrown together on the parm. Some bits had no ham, others had 5 or 6 slices all on top of each other. Nice ham, just not consistent.

Cheese: Good tasty cheese that was also cooked well. Just the right amount of it too, covered the whole parm.

Chips: Crispy chips cooked perfectly with a nice batter. Not too many of them on the plate (a lot are covered by the parm in the picture) but there was enough to be full at the end of the meal..

Salad: Salad was good, didn't eat much of it however it had a very tasty balsamic dressing on it. Once I ate the bits that had the dressing on them I ate no more salad. Putting the salad in a separate bowl is something that I appreciate too.

Overall a good chicken parm. The plate was clean at the end of the meal and the good came out quickly at a good price. I was so close to ordering dessert too, green jelly with a chocolate frog in it.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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