Sunday, 16 September 2012

Waterloo Hotel

Last night we went to the Waterloo Hotel for dinner and drinks to celebrate a colleagues birthday. Plenty of beer was consumed and of course, a chicken parm was devoured. Picture below.

Sorry about the picture quality, it's a rather atmospheric place with quite dim lighting.

The Waterloo Hotels chicken parm comes in at $18.95 and is served with the standard chips and salad. The other menu offerings also looked pretty good with an interesting Tapas menu and dessert pizza also being consumed by our table. But anyway, how was the chicken parm?

Size: Medium sized dish, probably more salad than would have been liked, and not too many chips. I was full at the end though and even left a few chips.

Chicken: Nice chicken, slightly overcooked on the outside but the inside was just right. The crumbing was good and the chicken was juicy. A good thickness too. Aside from the outside being slightly overcooked it was pretty damn good.

Sauce: Not much sauce on this chicken parm and it wasn't overly memorable. Was serviceable enough though.

Ham: Great ham, tasted like that really good ham you get from the deli. Sizable slices that sort of fell apart as you cut into them. Very impressed with the ham.

Cheese: Good cheese, cooked to very nearly a chicken parm perfection. Only gripe is there wasn't enough. The cheese I think needs to cover the whole of the chicken.

Chips: Not too bad, they were thick cut and quite heavy. Good seasoning.

Salad: Boring and unexciting. One mouthful, then didn't go back. The dressing didn't taint the chips or chicken though.

All in all, a pretty good chicken parm. I would have it again. They do two for one pizza's on Tuesdays with Trivia, so might try and get some people for that for a laugh.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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