Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Boundary Hotel

I was so excited, The Boundary Hotel in West End was going to be great. When you clicked on their link for what happens on a Monday night it showed that it was International Super Parma night, with ten different types of chicken Parms to try, from Traditional to Texas, Pacific to Italiano and many others. It was going to be awesome! So we got there, went to the bar and was told the site was incorrect, there's no International Super Parma on Monday night, but we could still have a regular parm...

So we did.

How was it though? Picture is below. Sorry about the photo quality, the lighting is quite dark in there.

For $17.90 it's one of the cheaper parms. The food came out quickly, quicker than we could finish our first beers so that wasn't too bad.

Size: Chicken was on the smaller side. Not many chips and the salad was very small. Was still a bit peckish at the end of the meal, which isn't really what chicken parms are all about.

Chicken: While it wasn't the tastiest chicken I've had it was cooked well enough. Was a fairly thin bit of chicken though. Could have been thicker and would have made the meal much more enjoyable. 

Sauce: A huge amount of sauce, oozing out from under the cheese each time a cut was made. Seemed like it was tinned sauce as well, no zing or pizzazz.

Ham: One big slice of ham under the cheese, was quite thin and rather un-flavoursome. 

Cheese: The cheese was cooked pretty well, had a nice crusting while melted underneath. Went to pretty close to the edge of the chicken too.

Chips: Standard pub chips, they were cooked pretty well and had a nice seasoning on them. Probably the most enjoyable part of the meal. Not enough of them though.

Salad: Very nice dressing on the salad, not much of it though. Not that a small amount of salad is a bad thing. Made it easier to push to the side of the plate.

All in all I was disappointed with our outing to The Boundary Hotel. I was so excited about trying an international parma, only to rock up and it not be available. Sting and the Police were playing in the background as we ate our dinner though, that's pretty cool right?

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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