Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Mill Hotel

Friday lunch this week, we went out for a pub meal because it was a colleagues last day. The Mill Hotel was chosen as it's pretty close to work, we've all be there for after work drinks and they do a chicken parm. The Mill Hotel is also great because on a Friday afternoon they do (or at least did) a free sausage sizzle. So rock up, get your pint of beer and enjoy the sausages...

How was their chicken parm though? Picture is below.

For $17.95 it comes in on the cheaper end of the scale. The food came out relatively quickly, especially considering there was about 10 people on our table. Though the place wasn't very busy so they wouldn't have had too much trouble.

Size: Quite a small meal. Not too many chips on there, and the chicken was very thin. A lot of salad on the plate (both before I started and after I finished).

Chicken: Overcooked on the outside, wasn't dry on the inside though, but a little bit too crispy. The chicken was also quite thin in parts with the crumbing being quite thick.

Sauce: The menu has Napoli sauce as an ingredient but I really couldn't taste or see it.

Ham: Two enormous slices of ham, both as thick as the chicken. I had to leave some ham at the end it was that thick. It was good ham, just way too much. Plus I don't think it got enough time under the grill so it wasn't as hot as it should be.

Cheese: Lots of cheese, like the ham it needed more time under the grill to give it a bit of a crusting.

Chips: Boring chips, not many of them either. Was a little cold and needed salting.

Salad: Very boring salad, don't think there was any dressing on it. Too much salad too, and in a separate bowl would have been nice.

All in all I wasn't impressed with this parma, very little sauce, way too much ham and most parts just not done very well. I still love The Mill but I don't think I would order a parm again. Someone else on our table had a steak that looked really good. I'll go with that next time.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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