Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Smoke BBQ - Authentic American BBQ

No one can accuse Dave the Mega-Parm of not taking one for the team. Instead of getting a sweet and juicy pulled pork sandwich while out for lunch today at The Smoke BBQ, I had to get the delicious and tasty pulled chicken sandwich. Ok, so it wasn't much of a sacrifice as the chicken sandwich was awesome and something that is deserving of all the praise I can heap upon it.

Being our first trip to The Smoke BBQ we had to start with an entree; I present to you, The Smoke Onion rings.

I've had a few onion rings in my time but these were really good. They'd just come out of the deep fryer and were hot and crunchy. The flavour was spot on though they could have done with thicker bits of onion in the middle. The dipping sauce was pretty damn tasty too.

After the onion rings and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (which was nice but nothing to write home to mum about) our meals came out.

The chicken was amazing, tasted really smokey and was juicy and flavoursome. There wasn't a huge amount of St Louis sauce but there was plenty of garlic mayo, that's not an issue though as it was really good. They're not lying when they say "soft bread roll", soft and delicate but kept up to the moistness of the meal and didn't fall apart.

One small gripe with the sandwich though, too much spinach.

Probably the highlight of my meal though, were the chips. They were as good as any I've had from a regular pub type place while out parming. I shouldn't be surprised though, this is an American BBQ restaurant. They're going to get fries right aren't they?

What got us keen to go to The Smoke BBQ was a segment on an episode of Food Safari from 2008 where the host went to The Smoke BBQ (I think it had a different name at the time). Wow it looked good on TV and the food was amazing in real life too. Will certainly be going back!

-Dave the Mega-Parm

ps. In Parms Way has its 1 year birthday today. Actually it's one year since the first review type post. The site was created a couple of weeks before them. Thanks to everyone who's reading this!

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