Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Brewhouse Brisbane

Last weekend the In-Parms-Way team went out for lunch and instead of going to one of our normal places we made the trek over the river to the Brisbane Brewhouse. Having been there a few times for beers I was pretty excited.

We got there about 1:30pm and sat down for lunch. Ordering was pretty tough, we had a tight-ass voucher from the Entertainment book but were advised we couldn't use it for the steaks, so two separate orders later we sat down and waited for our meals. They don't do a Parma but there is an interesting chicken schnitzel on the menu. This is what I ordered.

The two steaks came out pretty quickly (one looked perfect, the other was well over medium-rare) and after the rest of the In-Parms-Way had finished their meals, my schniztel arrived on the table.

As far as schnitzels go it was pretty much perfect. The crumbing was delicious and the chicken was juicy and succulent. The warm potato salad was interesting, with huge chunks of bacon and tomato. It worked well though. The slice of lemon squeezed over the chicken brought a great freshness to the meal.

I had a Brisbane Pale Ale to go with the meal which was also excellent. Can't complain about pub with a microbrewery.

All in all my meal was good at the Brewhouse, but one of the steaks being well over cooked and the huge time different in the meals coming out sullied our experience a little bit.

Up until the 30th of September they are running "Rib-Fest" and there is a pulled pork sub that has my name on it. Want to go back for that!

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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