Tuesday, 10 September 2013

International Hotel - The Pepperbomb

Last weekend we went to the International Hotel for lunch. I was excited because there's still a few of the new parm/schnitzels left to try. This visit I had The Pepper Bomb.

Here's a picture.

As always, the chicken, chips and salad were good. Unfortunately I didn't find the pepper sauce to be too flavoursome, but the fire roasted capsicum was awesome and the rest of the meal made up for it. Not my favourite schnitzel at the International but that's probably just my taste buds, cause everything was made to near perfection.

While at lunch I tried a different beer as well. Normally I drink only the Indian Chief but this time I finished the visit off with the Noble Pilsner. Pretty damn good! And you can't go past $5.50 pints.

Next time I'll have the Mad Dog schnitzel. Looks pretty impressive on paper!

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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