Monday, 12 November 2012

Broncos Leagues Club

A few months ago a few mates and I decided to go to Broncos Leagues Club to watch the footy and have a few beers. Something happened and we didn't quite make it there that night (we went to Easts Leagues instead).

But this weekend we finally made it!

After a few games of Keno, beers and the winning of a prawn tray we went to the 88 Restaurant Bar and Cafe and I ordered the chicken parm. So how was it? Picture below.

Size: Medium small, there was enough on the plate to be satisfied but if it wasn't for the pie from Rock N Roll Bakery beforehand I would have been hungry at the end.

Chicken: Very well cooked chicken, crumbing was tasty and the chicken was juicy. Can't fault the chickens preparation in any way.

Sauce: Not a huge amount of sauce, but what was on there was tasty.

Ham: Didn't see any ham on mine.

Cheese: Nice cheese, very well cooked. Melted with a good crusting.

Chips: Standard pub chips, but that's not bad. They were cooked just right. Crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the middle.

Salad: Boring. Had one bite and left it all. If there was dressing on it I didn't see it. As you've probably read in my previous posts I prefer the salad to be in a separate bowl.

For $18.90 (members price) it was a very good parm. Plus it was great to walk through the hall of fame at the Broncos Leagues. Shame the place was so quiet and filled to the brim with pokies. Would definitely go there again for a meal but not to drink beer.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

ps. go the Broncos! 2013 is our year!

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