Sunday, 25 November 2012

Manly Hotel

I knew this was going to be a good lunch when I went up to get drinks in my awesome Broncos jersey and the barmaid said "cool shirt mate". Awesome.

So this weekend we traveled to the Manly Hotel for lunch. We've passed this place many times going to the Manly Markets and always wondered what it was like inside. It was good to finally check it out. We got there just as the restaurant opened and about 10 minutes later the place was packed. Is it because the food is good? Or could it be the $12.90 roast dinner lunch they do? All I can really talk about is how the chicken parm was. Picture is below.

Coming in at $21.90 it's on the more expensive side of average, but the service was good and the meals came out quickly. The drinks were also quite cheap, which is always a plus in my books.

Size: A thin piece of chicken but it was quite large in area. Also a solid serving of chips and the salad was packed right into the little salad bowl.

Chicken: Very nice chicken, cooked just right with a slight bit of charring on the edges. Nothing to detract from the flavour. It was a thin but consistent thickness all over.

Sauce: Very sweet sauce and not a huge amount of it on the meal. In one section it had pooled a little bit, but once again it didn't detract from the niceness of the meal.

Ham: Thin layer of ham, covered nearly all of the parm though and was noticeable yet not overpowering.

Cheese: Very good cheese, runny in parts and crispy in others. Good flavour and covered the whole piece of chicken. A bit had fallen off and looked like it was cooked on the hot plate, was a great little bonus. They also sprinkled a little parsley on top, fancy!

Chips: Fairly ordinary chips, but the kitchen had cooked them pretty well. Needed salt to get flavour out.

Salad: Not a bad salad, and extra points for being in a bowl. Lots of lettuce too (which is good).

All in all the Manly Hotel was a great place to go for a Sunday lunch and I would certainly recommend the chicken parm for anyone even remotely interested in parms. And to be honest, everyone should be interested in parms...

There was also a meat tray raffle, but since it was real meat and not prawns I had no chance of winning.

Dave the Mega-Parm

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