Sunday, 18 November 2012

Brunswick Hotel

Part two of an awesome Parm weekend. Usually what happens is I drink beer while eating and am somewhat sober when I write the blogs but this post is a little different. Is that good or bad, I don't know. Does it really matter?

Today we went to the Brunswick Hotel for lunch. The plans were actually cancelled until AU decided to message me at 12:15 asking when we'd get there for lunch. So we changed out plans and went into New Farm for lunch.

The Brunswick hotel has been on my radar for a while. I've heard lots of talk of their round pool tables (which makes no sense to me), but recently a colleague said their better half went to the Brunswick and didn't enjoy the parm very much. So I had to see (and eat) it for myself.

How was it? Let the picture do the talking.

First of all, when this chicken parm came out I thought I was in a pizza parlor. It smelt exactly like a neapolitana special from New York Pizza Slice.

For $19.50 it was pretty good value and the meal came out within the allowable time frame (within two pints of beer). But what about the different components?

Size: Medium small. Not enough to be full as a car boot at the end of the meal, but it wasn't tiny like a fun size Mars bar. Oh, imagine that, a fun size parma. Hmm.

Chicken: Well cooked, the meat was very thin all over but there was no problems with it. Slightly over-cooked on the edges but not enough to detract from the tastiness of the meal.

Sauce: Pizza sauce. It smelt and tasted like pizza sauce. But it was pretty nice and kind of worked quite well.

Ham: Solid slices of ham, was a strong taste on the parm. And the cheese and sauce slid all over it. Tasted like a pretty high quality ham though.

Cheese: Not very much cheese, but what was on there was cooked well and tasted good. It kind of slid over the ham layer though so felt like a bit of an afterthought from an eaters point of view.

Chips: Standard pub chips, not beer battered but were cooked well and fluffy on the inside. I don't think there were enough of them on the plate.

Salad: Boring, flavorless and unexciting. Looks like there is a dressing on it but I couldn't taste it.

All in all it was a solid parma effort, definitely good value and it seemed like a pretty nice place for lunch on a wet Brisbane day. Beers were pretty cheep too.

-Dave the Parm-Minister

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  1. I agree with your analysis. I thought the chips were just ok- the pizza sauce smell was a little bit off-putting imo.