Thursday, 21 February 2013

Beach House Bar & Grill - Brisbane CBD

For the office secret santa last year I was lucky enough to get a $20 gift voucher for the Beach House Bar & Grill. After sitting in my drawer for the better part of two months it finally got used last night at their Brisbane CBD restaurant.

It's always busy at the Beach House Bar & Grill so we went after work during the week. The service was good and the food came out pretty quickly. Jugs of beers are dangerous at $13 and we were lucky to get one of the raised up stool tables giving us a nice view over the railing. It's a pretty open place, even had a small bird fly past our heads during the evening.

The Beach House Bar & Grill do a few varieties of parmas. I went with the "standard" parm however others at the table had the Green and Gold (chicken with cheese, avocado and sweet chilli sauce) and the Sand Castles (chicken with salt and pepper squid on top). By all accounts both alternative parms were pretty good.

I can only comment on my own parm though. Picture below.

At $20.90 it's a fairly well priced parm. The meal is much larger on the plate than it looks in the photo. Certainly large enough to not be hungry at the end and pretty good value overall.

Chicken: Looks a little burnt but didn't have a burnt flavour, nor was it too dry. Not a very thick piece of chicken but it tasted very nice. Worked well with the other ingredients (which were the star of this show).

Ham: No ham on this parm, nothing to see here.

Cheese: Excellent cheese and a lot of it. Could have done with a little bit longer under the grill but worked perfectly with the sauce. Would have liked the cheese to go all the way to the edge though.

Sauce: Great sauce. No, amazing sauce. Chunks of tomato in there, tasted home-made like nonna used to make. As mentioned above it could have gone all the way to the edge of the chicken but it did spread out pretty easy once I started eating. The sauce was the highlight of the meal.

Chips: Nice chips, but I've had better from the Beach House before. Maybe they needed more seasoning. There were so many under the parm too, it was like a little mountain.

Salad: Avid readers will know I'm not a huge salad fan, but this was pretty good. Definitely in the top 5 chicken parm salads I've had (not that I really keep a record). Huge amount of salad too, and most of it got eaten.

All in all, the chicken parm experience from Beach House Bar & Grill was a good one. It's been a long time since I've eaten there and it lived up to the memory.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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  1. What type of bird flew past your heads?

  2. Not sure, some sort of little bird. Flew by so quickly and from inside to outside the restaurant it was hard to tell.

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