Friday, 8 February 2013

The Tempo Hotel

Tuesday was a busy day, we're currently in the process of moving house and after spending a solid six hours in packing stuff up, moving and putting stuff away I decided it was time for something to eat (and to drink). So I walked up to The Tempo Hotel at about 12:45, hoping they had chicken parm on the menu. They did. I was happy.

Picture below.

At $16.50 it is a pretty reasonably priced parma. And the meal came out very quickly, but how was it?

Size: Good size meal, certainly enough to be full at the end. Actually to be honest I wimped out and didn't eat all the chips (or salad). For $16.50 it is great value.

Chicken: Crumbed very nicely, and was nice and juicy. The only gripe with the chicken is that it was very thin. Could have done with being a couple of millimetres thicker all over.

Cheese: A good amount of cheese on top, and it was tasty. Could have done with a bit more cooking of the cheese though, it wasn't oozing and kind of held itself together.

Ham: My goodness, there was a lot of ham on this parm. It was tasty and nice shredded ham but there was so much. I had to take an extra picture of it. See below.

It wasn't bad though, actually worked really well with the sauce.

Sauce: Very mild sauce, had chunks of tomato in it that were delicious. The saltyness of the ham turned the mild sauce into something really nice.

Salad: Boring, dry and uneventful, but who cares about salad?

All in all I was pretty happy with the parma from The Tempo Hotel, plus they had Miller Draught on tap so that was pretty good. Will certainly go there again!!

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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