Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ribs and Rumps - Fortitude Valley

Ribs and Rumps holds a special place in my heart. Every time we travel to Sydney (which isn't enough) we share a meal with a long time friend and his wife at the Ribs and Rumps in North Ryde. To learn that there is a Ribs and Rumps, not only in Brisbane but in Fortitude Valley and walking distance from where we live was just too much. We had to go.

Ribs and Rumps are well known for their great steaks and amazing ribs. If I wasn't doing this blog I would certainly have gone with a Ribs and Rump combo but there is a chicken parm on the menu, and that's what I had. Picture below.

At $19.95 it was a middle of the road priced parm. While we got there just as it opened the service was very good with the drinks coming out shortly after ordering and the food coming out not too long after that. Was also nice to get a 568ml Little Creature Pale Ale for less than $10 to go with the chicken. Not my favourite beer but still very nice.

How was the parm though?

Size: Medium sized chicken parm. Good amount of chips. Salad just right too. I was completely full at the end of the meal.

Chicken: Good thickness to the chicken, consistent over the whole piece. Was cooked really well. The chicken was juicy and the crumbing was just right.

Cheese: A lot of cheese on the chicken, and it was very oily. Could have done with either a little less cheese or a bit more time under the grill. The cheese (and sauce) didn't reach the edges of the chicken either. Kind of pooled up a bit in the middle of the parm. Tasted good, although I don't think my heart will be too happy at all.

Sauce: Nice sauce, chunks of tomato in there, great flavour. Not enough of it though, and was overpowered by the cheese.

Ham: I'll let this picture do the talking...

Chips: Good chips, crunchy and well cooked. Though probably not exciting enough for a chicken parm. If they were paired with a juicy steak and gravy or ribs with BBQ sauce they would be perfect, but there just wasn't enough sauce with the parm to bring them the extra flavour they need. Certainly serviceable and they were all gone at the end (though I did steal some of my partners tangy BBQ sauce).

Salad: Surprisingly I really enjoyed this salad and aside from some strips of carrot at the end I ate it all. A really sweet sort of honey like dressing on top. Really tasty.

All in all, the parma at Ribs and Rumps was good. If they got the balance of cheese and sauce right it would have been amazing, oh and something extra for the chips. Not sure what, just something to bring them up a bit. I had a bit of edge chicken with the tangy BBQ sauce and it was amazing. A parm with that instead of napoli sauce, and maybe some bacon would be awesome.

Lastly, they have a massive red coloured bull out the front. I wanted to start the blog with a picture of its face and end it with a picture of its arse but didn't have the balls to take the second photo. Here's the head.

Until next time.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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