Sunday, 14 April 2013

Did he go to the International again?

Yes, yes he did. Two times in one week, and I am pretty sure we were there a few weeks before then too.

After having the regular parma last week there was only one chicken schnitzel meal left to have, and that was, as the menu puts so eloquently, the "Schnitzel - House made gravy and fresh lemon". Here's a picture.

Without the toppings they quality of the chicken really stands out. If it's good then the meal will be nice, if it's poor then it will be a horrible experience. There's no hiding here, it's schnitzel at its essence. 

So how was it? Pretty nice, just like the other parma's at the International it was cooked well, with a tasty crumbing and far from small in size. I squeezed my lemon over the top of the chicken (and threw the watercress away). Chicken was dipped in the gravy as I went. Which probably wasn't the best idea as a) I had a couple of bites of chicken at the end without gravy and b) it made it easier for Mrs In-Parms-Way to steal chips and gravy from my plate. Would have been smarter to pour it over the chicken at the start.

As always though, the beer was delicious. Had a Noble Pilsener with the schnitzel that worked really well.

Thank you for the tasty meal International Hotel, see you next time.

-Dave the Mega-Parm

ps. I'd also like to say a big YOLO to our lunch buddies! Haha.

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