Sunday, 28 April 2013

Koala Tavern

Who would have thought, that's a strangely named place called the Koala Tavern in Capalaba would do a nice parm, but they do.

After a morning of playing golf (very poorly) the In-Parms-Way team headed to the Koala Tavern for lunch and beers. The Koala Tavern is a strange little place, we walked around the building a couple of times before we found the entrance, and the setup in the main bar is like a massive lounge room with the UFC on a screen larger than the moon. Would love to have a setup like that at home.

We did however find where one orders food from, and at the spiritedly time of 11:30am we ordered our lunch. As you can see from the picture below, the Koala does a few varieties of parms.

After about 20-25 minutes our meals were delivered to our table. At $16.45 for the normal parm, and $17.45 for the BBQ parm that I ate, it's pretty good value. How was it though, picture is below.

Size: It was good value for $17.45, could probably have upped the price a dollar or two and made the chicken larger and thrown some more chips in there. Had no problems at all finishing the good stuff on the plate.

Chicken: Really nice, seemed like pre-made chicken before I started, but after eating some it was really succulent and tasty. I'd be surprised if it was pre-made. Really good and not a bad size either. Juicy on the inside, and crispy on the outside, can't ask for much more with crumbed chicken to be honest.

Cheese: Not much cheese on top, could have done with a little bit more.

Meat Toppings: The bacon was crispy but didn't have much flavour. The pepperoni on the other hand, was delicious, delectable and delightful. Gave the meal a really tasty BBQ meat lovers pizza kind of vibe. 

Sauce: As mentioned above, the BBQ sauce helped give the meal a nice BBQ meat lovers pizza feeling. Worked really well with the nicely cooked schnitzel.

Salad: Boring and uneventful. Didn't taint the meal in any way however, and was easy to push to the side. Which is a thumbs up to Dave the Mega-Parm.

Overall, the Koala Tavern experience was a good one. Plenty of parms to choose from and $13 jugs of beer, there isn't much to not like. If this was my "local" I wouldn't complain.

Another at the table had the regular parm. Said it was pretty tasty.

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Looking forward to the next meal!

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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