Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The International Hotel... again.

Loyal reader(s), you're probably getting sick of Dave the Mega-Parm going to the International Hotel but I love it, I really do. The food is good, the beers (that they brew themselves) are awesome, the prices are perfect and the service is impeccable. There is really no reason not to go there.

So on a night where we had to find somewhere to go in a hurry (and with the Waterloo having a function) we headed off to the International Hotel for dinner and a couple of a drinks. This is the first time I've had the normal Parma at the International so a quick overview below.


The regular Parma at the International hotel is middle of the road price wise at $19.90. The meal came out nice and quickly and the service was good as always.

The chicken was cooked perfectly, succulent in the middle, pretty thick but not too thick. The ham was standard thin sliced ham and could have done with a bit more separating. Tasted good though. The sauce was quite sweet and I don't think there was enough of it on there. Cheese was good and held itself well on the chicken. Would have been a bit better if it went all the way to the edge of the chicken though. I'm dwelling on the minor negatives too much though, it was a really good meal.

All in all, I am full and happy. There is nothing more you can ask for with a dinner. Thank you International Hotel!

-Dave the Mega-Parm

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